Jolly Jumper

love siena's bored expression

My sister swore up and down that this door swing was Sienna’s favorite.  But from the look of things, Jon’s the one having all the fun.


  1. Jean Remmert says:

    Too cute! Wait till Baby Girl gets big enough to fit in hers!

  2. Debbie Ball says:

    TIna LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Johnny Jumper (I think that is what it was called back then) when she was a baby. She would jump for 30 minutes without stopping! Jon – he could have cared less about it. Looks as though he is a bit more interested now then back when he was little! Maybe he was afraid it would come detached from the door frame! But Tina was crazy about it — I have some of the best pictures of her jumping! Maybe a few of Jon.

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