Lyall Bay: 5 Years Later

2007 This picture was taken five years ago in New Zealand after some delicious milkshakes at Lyall Bay.  At the time this picture was taken, Merridith was engaged and Jon and I were still dating.

2012 Before dropping us off at the airport to return home, Merridith decided to take us back to Lyall Bay for one more milkshake.  I’m so glad we squeezed in the detour before leaving.

It’s crazy to see how far five years will take you.  How fast five years will pass.  Merridith, a new mom with such a sweet baby, myself anxiously awaiting my own child.

Standing on that beach I could have never predicted all the things that would happen in the next five years.

(Which is why when you’re being interviewed and someone asks you what your five your plan is you should shake your head and refuse to answer their trick question.)

momma and baby

look at those chunks!

my sweet sienna

my roots If this is where the last five years have taken me, I can’t wait to see where the next five are going.

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