Week 34

34 weeks

Just six weeks left to go??  It seems like the shortest and simultaneously longest amount of time possible.

I had an ultra sound last week to measure growth, and baby weighs 4.5lbs.  She’s been head down for a couple of weeks now, hiccuping at least once a day and kicking and stretching non stop.  It seems like she’s beginning to run out of space in there, because what used to be little jabs have become more of pushing up on my belly to make more room for herself.

It’s pretty amazing.  And a little bit freaky.

In other pregnancy related news, I still haven’t had any abnormal cravings and have not sent Jon out for any midnight runs.  It takes me an unusual amount of time to decide what I want to eat for each meal, unless that meal is cheese and pasta.  That, I always want.

I can still sleep through the night without having to use the bathroom, which I feel like is totally grounds for bragging at 34 weeks.  I still walk Brady every morning before the sun comes up (and holy heck, last week was cold) and take him to the dog park on weekends.

34 weeks

34 weeks

Oh, and I still can’t get a seat on the subway if my coat is zipped up.  New Yorkers do not mess around.


  1. You look fantastic! I love this sweater, so cute.


  2. You are so blessed! I knew where every bathroom was where ever we went! You have no idea!

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