brady cam

At our shower we were given the Dropcam, which is basically a fancy baby monitor that you can view from any smart phone, tablet or computer.  It’s a monitor, sure, but not just a normal baby monitor.  It’s way more fun.

On Sunday Jon decides to set it up and give it a test run by pointing it directly at Brady’s bed.  The camera will then send you an alert whenever there is motion detected.

So we’re sitting there enjoying lunch after church and Jon’s phone buzzes that there’s motion in the apartment.  We open the app to see Brady sitting up and looking around.  I then decide that I want to go ahead and talk to him, so I turn on the talk option and say “Hi Brady!!”

His head whipped so fast around toward the monitor, and I immediately felt so bad.  The poor little guy just heard my voice and I’m no where to be found!

Embarrassingly enough, I spent a great deal of Monday watching Brady from my office.  He mostly slept on the couch, stretched, looked around and at one point howled at a siren.

I’m not exaggerating in the least bit when I say that watching Brady from my office helped make a cold rainy Monday so much more enjoyable.

Spying on Brady is officially my new favorite hobby.


  1. Debbie Ball says:

    This is great!! Now you can also check-up on Jon, too!! Ha! Ha!

  2. we got a dropcam for Christmas and watch our dog too 🙂 it’s fun, even if he mostly just sleeps

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