Week 35

week 35

The countdown is officially on.  Just five more weeks to go.  I could say this a hundred times, but it seems like the shortest amount of time and the longest amount of time all rolled into one.

Our apartment has quickly become baby central, with a stroller, bassinet, wardrobe and bouncy chair taking up precious floor space.  And as tangible as those things are, it’s still hard to grasp that we’ll have another little human living here, needing those things, needing us in just a few short weeks.

it's actually a stolen basketball

t minus five weeks

Can’t wait to meet our little one.


  1. Debbie Ball says:

    Yep — Baby Girl is really growing nicely! Amazing to see the week-to-week updates. You look amazing!! Are you starting to get uncomfortable yet? Lookin’ good!! Can’t believe it is so close to due date time!!!!! Wow! So excited!

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