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from her papa

Jon and I have been so blessed during this pregnancy with the support of our friends and family.  It was amazing to see our family’s reaction when we told them the news, to have my mom at our ultra sound when we found out we were having a girl, that Jon’s family traveled to Maryland for our baby shower.  My co-workers even threw me the most amazing surprise shower, and keeping a surprise from me is no easy feat.

Over the last eight months Jon and I have purchased almost nothing for the baby, having the most amazing friends and family gift us with all of the “must have” items to take baby home.  Which has given us the opportunity to buy a couple more sentimental things for her.  I’m not sentimental about most things, but the couple of things Jon and I have picked up along the way are really special to us, so I thought I’d share them.

Jon picked out the wooden monkey on his last trip to Denmark, when I was still in my first trimester and we had no idea if baby was a he or a she.  At the time there were only a handful of people that knew we were pregnant, so it was fun to get to have a secret baby toy in the house.  I know how much thought he put into picking it out, and every time I pass it on the bookshelf it makes me smile.

kiwi from new zealand

While we were traveling in New Zealand we came across this wooden pull toy in a gift store.  We both looked at it, picked it up and put it back on the shelf.  We aren’t souvenir people at all, so buying something for baby wasn’t on our minds.  After walking around the store a bit more we gravitated back to the baby section and decided to spring for the toy.  How sweet that the little kiwi toy represents our trip to visit my sister, to see my niece, to enjoy our last trip as a family of two.  Now I’m getting all sentimental on you.

suzette the fox

The final thing I’ve picked up for baby is this sweet little fox toy.  Looks more like a cat to me, but they called it a fox, so I’m going with it.  Once I saw the toy, I knew I had to have it.  I can just see our little one dragging it around by the arm and it makes me all smiley.  I think I stared at it for twenty minutes straight when it arrived in the mail.  But then Brady kept trying to steal it, so I retired it to baby’s bassinet.

We’re so excited for our little girl and I can’t wait for her to enjoy the little toys her dad and I picked out for her.  That is, if big brother Brady doesn’t get to them first.

Anyone else purchase sentimental gifts for their baby?  I’d love to see what has meaning for everyone else!


  1. Debbie Ball says:

    Jon’s “bunny” still makes me smile when I recall all the times he clutched bunny close to him at bedtime or when he was sad. And to think it survived and is still in fairly good shape for being 30 years old!! That is the most amazing to me! I can still see him when I would tickle under his chin w/bunny like I mentioned in the letter to baby girl. The smiles are precious memories of my happy little baby boy! Apparently he was also secure in his manhood even as a baby because he didn’t even care bunny was pink — although it was bought as a gift for his sister and he claimed it!! These are precious memories and you will be making those memories with baby girl very soon! I can’t wait!

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