Tea Party

what's that on the ground?

At eight months pregnant, it’s become quite an adventure finding things that fit the bump.  At this point even my maternity shirts are getting too short, so that’s fun.  I was a bit smitten with the pattern on this tea cup blouse.  So many maternity things I’ve come across are just plain ugly, so to find something playful was a breath of fresh air.

look over there

oh heyyyy

can't forget the accessories blouse (non-maternity version here)/similar cardigan/similar necklace

Suddenly I’ve got a craving for a spot of tea.


  1. My, my how you have filled up that belly area. You look great, how’s the waddling, walking, and getting up out of soft cushion seats going? Also loved the unique toys. You will be amazed at what Baby Girl gravitates to and cherishes as her favorite toy!

    Miss you and love you!!
    Carol & Don

  2. Ahhhhh Joan , you continue to glow as that precious Baby Girl continues to grow! I can hardly wait 4 more weeks!!!!! I love you! Xoxoxo

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