Conversations from the Last Week

With Jon:

Me: I can’t believe we could have a baby any day.

Jon: I can’t believe in ten years we’ll have a ten year old.

Me: I can’t believe in ten years you’ll be forty.


With a vendor at work:

Vendor: You look so great!

Me: Aw, thanks.

Vendor: Let me ask you this, when did you stop working out?

Me: Ohmygosh, you thought I worked out?  That’s so sweet.


With a coworker in the elevator:

Coworker: So how much longer now?

Me: Less than a week.

Coworker: Wow, your pregnancy has flown by!

Me: I’m glad it was so easy for you.


Throw in heaping doses of “How are you feeling?” and “Are you ready?” and you’ve got a pretty clear picture of what my last week has looked like.

For the record, I still feel pretty great (besides having to pee all.the.time.) and yes, I am ready.


  1. Jean Remmert says:

    Once again, you make me LOL! XO

  2. Michelle says:

    HAHAHA, this gave me a good chuckle. I’m so freaking excited for you guys!!

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