Strawberry Pistachio Salad

the baloney bug

Lately it seems like I’ve been living off of this salad.  I pack it for lunch, I make it as a side dish for dinner and I’ve brought it to dinner parties.

Growing up my parents would always bet each other that they were right, and the loser had to buy the winner a bag of pistachios.  So now every time I bring home pistachios Jon asks me if I lost a bet.  Doesn’t really matter because either way I’ve got pistachios.

To make the best ever salad, throw in a handful of the following:

Pistachios (Trader Joe’s sells them unshelled– I buy them unsalted)


Chopped Onion

Dried Cranberries

Goat Cheese

Toss with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic.  You can also add chicken to make it a heartier meal (and barbeque chicken is a surprisingly delightful addition).

also known as "delicious"

Seriously, take my word for it.  Go make this salad.

No really.  Go right now.


  1. Caroline says:

    Wow that sounds so good!

  2. Jean Remmert says:

    Once again, you remember everything! Yep, there were many bags of pistachios in our home! Ha!ha! That salad looks amazing!! I will defiantly try that one! Thanks for another great idea! Xo

  3. I tried this right after you posted it and have had it at least four times since. It’s so good! Thanks for the new salad!

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