Breakfast for Dinner

breakfast for dinner

In the four and a half years that Jon and I have been married, we haven’t had breakfast for dinner once.  Not one single time.  Shocking, I know.

Maybe it’s because I don’t like breakfast foods.

So when Jon wanted pancakes the other night I agreed, with the condition that they could be pumped full of chocolate chips and then I would top my stack with powdered sugar.  Because what’s better than a breakfast food than a breakfast food covered in sugar?

I have to say, they were pretty darn good.  But then again, so are most things garnished with sugar.


  1. Debbie Ball says:

    Looks yummy! When I make pancakes I add the “add-ins” separately to each pancake. That way Richard can have blueberries & I can have the whole grains & nuts in mine! I just pour the batter into separte cups and add the extras!! So next time, you can have two different kinds from one batch of batter! Ü But I’m sure you probably had that figured out already!

  2. I love breakfast foods but my husband has a weird-thing about allowing them for dinner! The only exception I’ve got is waffles during lent Fridays:O)

  3. Jean Remmert says:

    Love breakfast foods for dinner YUM!

  4. That looks delist! Randomly, I love your place settings too.

  5. busybodyk says:

    That looks yummy! I make breakfast for dinner every few weeks. My husband swears its his favorite dinner. LOL

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