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the baloney bug

the baloney bug


the baloney bug The last ten days have revolved around Adelaide doing one of three things: eating, sleeping or pooping.  Up until a couple of days ago Jon had never changed a diaper.  I guess Adelaide wanted to give him a memorable first diaper change because it looked a little something like this:

Jon takes the dirty diaper off and throws it out.  Adelaide immediately started pooping all over her clothes.  And then kept pooping.  And then a little more.  It was glorious.

Other memorable first week poops include:

At Adelaide’s one week check up we had to strip her down to get weighed.  Girlfriend projectile poops all over the table and floor.  It missed getting on my shoes by centimeters.

After dinner one night Jon was holding her while she slept and we hear the loudest noise coming from her bottom.  And then again, and one more time.  Jon takes her over to the changing table to discover that she’s managed to poop through both of her layers of clothes and onto his shirt.

I like to think she’s just got an awesome sense of humor.



  1. Jean Remmert says:

    And her plumbing is working just fine! Ha! Ha! Welcome to parenthood!

  2. Debbie Ball says:

    Oh my word .. this blog is too funny! When you gotta go … you gotta go!!!! Hang in there! And Jon … welcome to the world of diaper changes!

  3. Stefanie Cole says:

    I’m laughing so hard I’m snorting! Thanks for sharing the “messy” parts of being at home with a newborn! I can honestly say I understand what you are going through! Have fun! Take a million pictures! (Not of the blowouts, of course!)

  4. Girls don’t poop! Everyone knows this! It’s simply flowers!

  5. A bit of unrequested advice for you – never change the diaper after you hear the first poop. Wait a good 5 minutes because more is coming. I only learned this after our carpet, the guest bed skirt, a duvet cover, and a pillow had to be washed. You’re welcome. 🙂

  6. LOL, some days it just keeps on coming, sort of like the Energizer Bunny, I agree with Karebare304, always wait because she might not be finished. Oh, and remember when you’re running late, there will always be a needed diaper change, after she is clothed, coated, bundled and your walking out the door! These are the fun days of parenthood!

  7. This is hilarious. Welcome to parenthood!

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