Surviving Week Two

the baloney bug

Now that I’m officially into week two of being a mom I’ve totally got the hang of this thing.  And by “totally got the hang of it” I mean, “I’m in survival mode so please bear with me.”

If the only way my baby wants to nap is in my arms, so be it.  I will sit as still as a statue for two hours if that’s what it takes today.  And tomorrow will be a different day, and I know that.

I went the whole first week all, “I got this” and then Jon went back to work and I would cry as soon as he walked in the door every evening.  But then I realized that it’s okay if I don’t do the laundry, if I don’t brush my hair and I don’t have dinner ready when he gets home.

I have a newborn.  One that needs me, constantly.

Adelaide and I struggled with breast feeding for the first two weeks.  I cried, she cried.  I had a lactation consultant come over and life started to get better.  We’re finally at the point where we’re both getting the hang of it and we might just make it.

My goal is to get out everyday for a walk, which normally means we’re ready sometime around 5 o’clock.  But at least we’re ready, right?

I’ve been baby wearing since throwing her in a sling is so much easier than lugging a stroller down two flights of stairs.  And since the weather is still less than desirable it involves bundling up baby and then zipping her up in my coat with me.  She loves it, and falls asleep as soon as we start our walks.


the baloney bug

the baloney bug

Eventually I’ll be able to make dinner for my husband and get out of my sweat pants, but right now I’m perfectly fine with snuggling with my little girl.  I know this time won’t last forever so I’m going to take advantage of it while I can.

PS. I’d like to give a big virtual hug to everyone who commented, emailed, texted or otherwise reached out after I posted Adelaide’s birth story.  Your words really have meant the world to me, so thank you.


  1. Merridith says:

    Great work girlfriend! Adelaide is blessed to have such a loving mama!

  2. Life does go on and you will find that you are dressed and ready for another day as the weeks go by. Adelaide is so blessed to have two wonderful parents. She will cherish these blogs when she becomes a mother, please, please, please be sure to archive them for her to read years from now!
    Love you and miss giving hugs and kisses to each of you!

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