Mother’s Day

the baloney bug


Yesterday I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day as well as my birthday.  Every couple of years my birthday would fall on Mother’s Day, and as a kid it always meant sharing “my” day with my mom.  But as an adult it was so special to get to share the day with her.

We went out to brunch and afterwards took a stroll downtown Frederick.   the baloney bug


the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug ^^Notice Brady with the baseball.  He likes to slam it down on the floor, which always startles baby.^^

the baloney bug the baloney bug I’m so glad I was able to come home and spend the day with my family.  And that I got to take an uninterrupted shower.



  1. Glad you had an awesome day and birthday celebration. It has been fun to catch up and read your blog while we are away. Mexico celebrates Mother’s Day on the 10th every year, so I actually got to celebrate 2 times. Don only had me walk 20,000 steps on the 10th, only 7,000 on Sunday!!
    Enjoy this special time in your life!!

  2. What an extra special day! Happy belated Mother’s Day AND birthday!

  3. Merridith says:

    Happy First Mother’s Day! Gorgeous photos!

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