Sleeping Like a Baby

the baloney bug

Adelaide had her two month vaccinations last week and the poor thing screamed so loudly I almost started crying with her.  And then she slept like a baby (ha!) the entire afternoon.

She’s a rockstar sleeper at night.  She sleeps through the night except for a 2 minute feed around 4am.  But just as quickly as she wakes up, she’s back to sleep.

I can’t quite say the same thing for her during the day.  She rarely naps more than 20 minutes, which can make for an exhausting day.  It’s hard to get things done when your baby wants to be held all day long.

But I’ve got no complaints- I’m loving the all day smiles and giggles and full night’s sleep.

Basically, my baby’s awesome.


  1. I can totally agree with you! She is a delight all day long BUT I know why you have babies while you’re young! I sleep like a baby too after babysitting!

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