Little Buddies

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

Last week was only a million degrees in New York, so Tomi and I decided to take our littles to Central Park where there was plenty of shade and fresh air.  Tomi’s daughter, Abigail is only a couple of weeks younger than Adelaide and ohmygosh is just the sweetest little thing.

The girls don’t really notice each other yet, but instead spent their time at the park staring up into the trees and seeing what they could get us mamas to do.

Stand up and bounce them? Check.

Feed them? Check.

Pull out every toy and book in the diaper bag? Check.

Also, did you know that a picnic with two babies requires ten bags of gear?  For such small babies they sure do require a lot of stuff.


  1. So adorable! Your arms must be so strong from all that heavy lifting!

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