Three Month Favorites {For Baby}

the baloney bug

1. Look, Look!– I honestly thought books for babies was pointless, until I read amazing things about this book.  Babies see black and white best when they’re born, and then after a few weeks they can see red. I went ahead and ordered the book and lo and behold, she loves it.  It stays in the diaper bag for when we’re out and about and I need something to entertain her.

2. Honest Diaper Bundle– When I was pregnant I went back and forth trying to decide what kind of diapers to use.  I ruled out cloth pretty quickly, because as much as I’d like to be “eco friendly” it just wasn’t feasible for me.  My laundry is 3 flights down, and requires quarters.  To constantly have that many quarters on hand, plus the amount of trips I’d have to take down to the basement (1st wash cycle + 2nd wash cycle + drying + picking up = 4 trips to the basement) was just unrealistic.  Then I looked into a diapering service, which run about $140-200 a month.  That’s wayyyy more than the cost of disposables, so cloth diapering was officially out.

Since cloth was out I had to decide between eco friendly disposables and regular disposables.  I emailed some friends and asked how much they spent on diapers, and got answers anywhere from $50-80 a month (and found that some of my friends are seriously amazing at getting a good bargain.  Hello, Michelle!)

I quickly found The Honest Co. which is actually a company formed by actress Jessica Alba.  Everything is plant based, no harsh chemicals, and all diapers are biodegradable (well, if our landfills would allow for it…)  I ordered the free trial when I was pregnant and was sold.  The diapers are freaking adorable, delivered straight to my door for no charge and won’t hurt my baby’s bum?  Sold.

They cost $80/month AND include wipes.  That’s less than half the cost of cloth diapering and competitive to the cost of regular disposables (especially since this includes wipes).  I can feel pretty good about that decision.  Adelaide has been using them since birth and has not had one single diaper rash.  Consider it love.

Also, you get a $20 credit for referring friends.  Cough, cough use my link.

3. WubbaNub– Also known as the one thing I must never leave the house without.  The idea is the baby can hold the pacifier in their own mouth by holding onto the animal attached to the pacifier.  Adelaide didn’t really get the hang of that until she was about 2 months old, but it still helped hold the pacifier in regardless.  She’s not big on pacifiers in general, but she will take this one.  Currently she’s more interested in sucking on the giraffe’s ears than she is the pacifier, but whatever, it keeps her happy.

4. Swiss Dot Bow Sun Hat– This is one of the only hats that will fit Adelaide’s little head, and also keeps the sun off her face.  We have it in two colors and they never leave the diaper bag.

5. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym– This was one of the things I thought I wouldn’t need, so left off my registry.  Then I realized I needed somewhere to put my kid down for a few minutes so I could get stuff done.  Like go to the bathroom.  Most of the ones we saw were really obnoxious, so when we found this one we immediately ordered.  She loves playing with the toys overhead, and spends tons of time staring at herself in the mirror.

6. 4Moms MamaRoo– Our biggest baby splurge yet (besides the stroller), but seriously worth every penny.  She’ll sit and giggle forever at the mobile, the white noise puts her to sleep almost instantly (there are 5 different sounds to alternate between) and it swings 5 different ways.  It also has an iPod hookup, but I’ve yet to use that feature.  This thing is the real deal.

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