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the baloney bug

Someone decided they didn’t want to nap all day yesterday, so instead of packing and cleaning like I’d planned on doing I bounced, patted, sang, fed, snuggled (repeat, repeat, repeat) a fussy baby for six hours.  Let me go ahead and repeat that.  Six hours.

the baloney bug

the baloney bug the baloney bug

She’s lucky she’s so freaking cute.

PS. Someone asked me if she was a boy while she was wearing this outfit.  Head to toe pink…um, no.


  1. Yours sounds like mine on the napping. I thought I had it rough with the 5 hour stretch yesterday, but now I’m glad we only did 5! How’s the little lady sleeping for you at night? Still great, I hope!!!

  2. bimbi284 says:

    She is just too cute and happy!!

  3. Let’s add some captions to those photos,
    1. Now mom, wouldn’t you rather be playing with me instead of cleaning!
    2. Sassy look, Wouldn’t you rather hold me!!
    3. See I told you, you couldn’t resist my charms.
    4. I can make anyone laugh, even you mom!!
    Enjoy her, in 3 years naps will be non existent and you’ll wish for a moment of rest!!
    Love you!

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