Brady’s Dream Land

the baloney bug When we were on the hunt for a beach house we had to make sure it was enough space for all six adults and two babies, as well as be pet friendly and be on the water.  And with easy access for Brady to swim (as opposed to a dock).  We’re so those people, the ones who plan vacations around their dog’s interests.

But whatever, this dog loves to swim.  Throughout the course of the day Brady manages to get all six of us out there at one point or another to throw the ball for him.  I think he tries to ask me last, since I can barely get the ball into the water.

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug Then when we’re all inside at the end of the day, the babies sleeping peacefully, Brady sits in the center of the room and falls asleep sitting up.

These are the best days.


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