Thrill Rides

the baloney bug My sister convinced me to leave Adelaide at home with my mom so that we could go to Six Flags for an afternoon.  It was the longest I’ve been away from her yet (five hours!) and I was a bit hesitant.  Luckily there were six women (yes, six) that had volunteered to watch Adelaide and my sister’s daughter, Siena.

We got to the park and immediately headed to the water park to cool off.  Rode a couple of rides there and then headed over to the main attraction.  After the first ride I was in enough pain from my head being banged around, but we kept on going.  There were absolutely no lines, so we quickly got on and off every major roller coaster at the park.  By the end of the day my head was pounding.  I was all, “Oh sorry, I gotta head home… the baby.”

I was never so happy to get in an overheated car and head home to my baby.

I’ve had my share of roller coasters for the next ten years.  The next time I’ll be riding one is when my own daughter is ready.

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