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I figured this would also be a good opportunity for me to talk about my breastfeeing journey thus far.  We’re four and a half months in and it’s going really well.  Safe to say I love it.  While it can be overwhelming that Adelaide’s every meal comes from me, it’s also such an amazing feeling to know that I made this perfect little baby, I birthed her and now I am sustaining her every need.

It’s amazing.

But it certainly hasn’t been easy.

The first week flew by and I thought things were going really well.  And then the excruciating pain started.  I was in so much pain I couldn’t let fabric touch my skin.  I cried every time she wanted to feed.  Which was all the time.  My pediatrician said absolutely no pacifiers so that she didn’t get nipple confusion, but all Adelaide wanted to do was suck.

On her one week birthday I called my Bradley instructor sobbing.  She referred me to a lactation consultant who thankfully came out to see me the next morning.  She immediately recognized that Adelaide had a bad latch, which was causing all of my pain.

It took six weeks for me to heal.  SIX WEEKS.  I thought the pain would never end.  How could I heal when my baby needed to nurse every hour?  Through tears one day I told Jon that breastfeeding was harder than giving birth naturally, and I meant it.

I remember talking to my sister, who had also experienced a bad latch and she told me I was doing a great job.  She encouraged me so much, and those words meant the world to me.  Now whenever I talk to a new mom I try to be generous with my words as well.  They mean everything.

But finally, miraculously, one day the pain stopped.  I had finally healed.  By six weeks Adelaide and I had turned a major corner.  She was starting to smile, which gave me such a needed boost.  Our breastfeeding relationship was becoming enjoyable.

Since I don’t pump bottles I’ve had to learn to breastfeed her in public.  Sometimes I’d rather not, and sometimes I feel so empowered feeding her.  I’m feeding my child.  It’s normal, it’s natural.  I try to remember that I’m not forced to eat my meals in the stalls of a public bathroom, so neither should my daughter.  I can normally sneak away and find somewhere private, but sometimes there isn’t anywhere to go.  And a kids gotta eat.

I’ve been so lucky that I have a good supply, that my pediatrician never forced formula on us, that Adelaide took well to breastfeeding.  I truly believe that a happy mama leads to a happy baby, so whether you choose to breastfeed or formula feed, I support you.

Hugs to all the mamas out there.  You’re doing an awesome job.


  1. Jean Remmert says:

    I totally agree with everything you said about breast feeding. I read The Heavenly Art of Breastfeeding and thought I knew it all! Ha! That was a joke!! I had no idea of the pain that I was going to endure! I, too, consulted with a breast feeling specialist and she was amazing! After I healed and relaxed, Breastfeeding was a bond that I still remember 30 years later. It was all worth it in the long run.

  2. Great post Joan! And, way to persevere ! Breastfeeding is really hard. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I had no idea how much it would hurt, or how long it would take for my baby to nurse, or the amount of times she would eat in a day! The good news is that it gets so much easier with time-as you know. It really is great to talk about breastfeeding because moms need the support. I love encouraging new moms about nursing because I know exactly how they feel.

  3. Thank you for posting this. We are 2 weeks in and I have wanted to give up more times than I can count. Nursing is way harder than I ever thought but, we are making it work one day at a time. It is great to know there are other mama’s out there in the same situation.

  4. Hi! Thank u for sharing. Are you a sahm now?

  5. Merridith says:

    Great article! It’s so good to talk about the challenges of breastfeeding so mamas know they’re not alone and they can do it! It’s SO HARD at first but definitely gets better! Siena’s almost a year and we’re still going strong, wouldn’t have believed that if you’d told me at week 2!

  6. A very honest post! Often, the first month of breastfeeding is the hardest and people don’t realize this. There is such a lack of support. Thanks for sharing.

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