5 Months

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

The last five months have simultaneously flown by and crawled on.  My little girl has changed and grown so much.  At the beginning I would catch myself saying, “I can’t wait until she …” and finish the sentence with whatever her next milestone would be.

Smile, laugh, roll over.

But then I stopped and realized I can wait.  She’s only at this stage for such a short time, so I want to savor every moment.

Adelaide is seriously one of the happiest babies.  She is constantly belly laughing.  She laughs when you kiss her, when she spots Brady across the room, when you tickle her.

She’s discovered bouncing.  We got her a jumperoo, which keeps her entertained long enough for me to clean the apartment.  Or catch up on an episode of the Real Housewives.  Same thing, really.

Sometimes, when we’re out and she’s in the stroller, I can’t help but pick her up and hold her.  It’s like the two feet of distance is just too far for me to handle.

She’s still exclusively breastfed.  I figure she has the rest of her life to eat solids, so why rush them?

Happy five months, little girl.


  1. Merridith says:

    Happy 5 months little girl!

  2. Happy 5 months! You take such beautiful pictures!

  3. Wow, 5 months already, you are right to just step back and let her set her own parameters to reach milestones. Each child develops independently and to set an expectation which isn’t reached causes concern, from what I see, she will reach for her own stars…when they are within her sights! Congratulations on the first 5 months of thousands more to come!

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