Seven Months

the baloney bug

I owe you all a bit of an update on this little lady.  I’ve officially been back to work over a month now, and it’s actually going really well.  It took her until my fourth week back at work to take the bottle, but she did.  She’s still eating less than I’d like, but we’re making up for it at night, and I’m okay with that and Adelaide’s pediatrician is okay with that.

I’m proud of the fact that she’s still exclusively breastfed.  It’s definitely hard being a working mom and keeping up with pumping enough to sustain a seven month old.  Not to mention I’m ravenously hungry all the time.  You know when they say you’re eating for two when you’re pregnant?  Forget that.  Pregnant hunger does not even begin to compare to breastfeeding hunger.

Jon snatched part of my dinner the other night that he thought I wasn’t going to eat, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t hear the end of it for a week.  Don’t touch my food, dude.

Adelaide still isn’t really digging solid foods yet, but we’re still offering them once or twice a day.  If nothing else, she’s being exposed to different textures and tastes, so I’m happy with that progress.  I figure she won’t go to kindergarten having only had breastmilk.  She’ll figure it out, and soon enough we’ll be arguing over who gets the bigger portion of mac n cheese.  Until then, Brady is her best friend.  He’s awesome at picking up the slack at meal times.

I can’t believe my baby is seven months old.  This first year is moving way too quickly.


  1. She is SO cute! I was STARVING at that point, and I still am around the times Reed still nurses. What helped me the most was eating a lot of almonds and oatmeal. I added in a 2nd breakfast daily too of a Special K breakfast sandwich. Not super healthy, but it’s the only thing that held me over until lunch. Adding in a really big afternoon snack like hummus or soup helped too and I eat cereal after dinner ever night. Seriously.

  2. I feel the same way—time is going too quickly. I am also revenous all.the.time…and I feel the same way you do about exclusively giving breastmilk (though we did supplement in the beginning she only gets EBM now). It’s hard work but very much worth it.

    A is so cute 🙂 love her in that little hat!

  3. busybodyk says:

    She is so adorable!!! So glad she is taking the bottle a lot better now. I am in that hungry non-stop phase. Its crazy!

  4. Joan, her personality is defiantly coming out. I love the hat and coat. What great news that you both have adjusted to ‘work’. It’s really funny that YOU and fighting over food from Jon. Usually it’s the other way around!! Looking forward to our visit in a few weeks.

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