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the baloney bug the baloney bug

I have a feeling photos like these are going to be happening fairly frequently.  We officially have a crawler on our hands, and just in time for her 8 month birthday.  She sometimes scoots along on her butt, other times a full out crawl.  And she’ll only crawl to something she really wants, which is almost always Brady’s food.

Poor Brady has had to sit and watch her play in his food, and last night even ate dinner while she played in his water.  I make it a “rule” to not let her get near him while he eats.  Not that he would ever do anything to hurt her, but this way it will never be an issue.  She got to break the rule for a few seconds while I snapped these photos, then I praised Brady with lots of treats and pets for being such a good boy.

I’d also like to add that Adelaide still isn’t a big fan of solid foods, but dog food.  Dog food, she’ll eat. 


  1. Brady is so good, kind of reminds me of the book “Good Dog Carl” we should write one about Brady!

  2. LOL. I knew she would find something to use for teething. Glad to hear her brother doesn’t mind sharing.

  3. Maybe you should put her baby food in the dog bowl and she will eat it. lol

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