Adelaide Meets Santa

the baloney bug As much as I would love to stay inside for the entire month of December and do all of my shopping on Amazon, I have a kid and she needs to see Santa.  How else is she going to get everything on that wish list of hers?

I quickly ruled out seeing Santa at Macy’s after reading stories of the long lines, and decided we’d try our luck at Bloomingdale’s.  Santa sits on the 8th floor and rarely has a line.  Plus, the subway takes you right there and you don’t have to even go above ground.  Done.

We got there and the minute we walked into the door of Bloomingdale’s, Adelaide fell asleep.  So we walked around a bit and finally woke her up because it was getting dangerously close to the time Santa had to close up shop.

Girlfriend was not impressed with getting woken up in the middle of the store, which was shocking to me, because that’s basically what I dream about every night.

She was unsure of Santa at first, and then decided she’d had enough and wanted to be back in mama’s arms.

Overall our first Santa experience was better than expected.  There was absolutely no line and you could take your own photos and weren’t required to buy a package.  In this day and age free is unheard of, so I was pretty excited.

the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug I’m not sure I can say Adelaide was as excited as I was, but she’ll thank me one day.


  1. Those picture are priceless! And can Adelaide be ant cuter!!!

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