The Outtakes — 2013 Edition

the outtakes This years card was easily my favorite of all the ones we’ve done.  I thought between a baby and a dog that it would be a nightmare to shoot, but it turned out to be pretty fun.

To answer the most popular questions: yes, Jon is holding the gifts, this is on Park Avenue and it is three pictures Photoshopped together.  Our most complex post-production card to date.

The gifts were empty boxes I had around the apartment that I wrapped with paper from the dollar store.  I then used packing tape to tape the boxes to each other so they wouldn’t topple over when Jon was holding them.

We originally wanted this to be two photos that were photoshopped together (Jon and Brady, Adelaide and me), but after we were done decided it was best to combine three different shots.  More on that in a bit.

outtakes I love this picture of Brady, Kristin and Brian howling at a siren that was going by.  We shot their Christmas card minutes before for them to announce their pregnancy and then they stuck around to help us with our card.  Check out their card here.

outtakes Brady getting a bit too excited.

outtakesAnd, Brady letting the Upper East Side know what’s up.

And now, for how it came together (also known as, my husband has mad skills):

Shot 1: Jon and the gifts

how it came together

Shot 2: Adelaide and me

how it came togetherShot 3: Add in the dog

how it came together

The final product:

Screen-Shot-2013-12-23-at-9.03.33-PMI wish I had video of Kristin and Brian calling Adelaide and Brady and getting them to look at the camera.  We all looked a bit crazy, but we had so much fun with this card.

It just makes me even more excited for Adelaide to get to be a part of our traditions, and to add in her ideas in the future.

Sky’s the limit.


  1. Debbie Ball says:

    Thanks for the step-by-step on how easy this is to do!! Ha! Ha! Creative minds and creative skills make something look so easy! Love it!

  2. Technology and creative minds makes for the most original Christmas cards ever!! Can’t wait till next years!

  3. Just loved this, Joan and Jon!! I am wondering how you get the Norman Rockwell feel to the card?Awesome creativity you two!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Carol Gilbert says:

    Love receiving your card every year. Great story on how it was made. Love you guys. You are both so original!

  5. You guys should seriously be in a magazine! You have a great fashion sense and always look classy and put together. Happy 2014!

  6. You forgot the lady taking pictures of us taking pictures!!! What a funny day!

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