Eleven Months

the baloney bug I can’t believe we’re less than a month away from Adelaide’s first birthday.  Part of me is so excited to celebrate her birthday and the other part is saying, “no no no!”  I can’t possibly have a one year old!  She is such a happy baby.  The moment she first catches my eye in the morning is one of my favorites.  She spots me across the room and her face just lights up.  The pure joy she has when she sees me is just humbling.

the baloney bug the baloney bug zara top // little hip squeaks leggings // freshly picked moccs

A few of my favorite tricks:

Waving– Her wave is more of an outstretched arm without the “back and forth” motion.  Basically, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  If you ask her “can you say hi” she’ll respond with a wave.  Melts my heart.

Standing– She’s been able to stand for a few seconds for a while, but now she’s got it down.  It’s so cute to just place her on the ground and instead of flopping to sit she just stands there.  She’s super speedy with her walker and I’m fairly certain she’ll be walking on her own in no time.

Food– Ugh, food.  This is still our biggest struggle.  She’s very low on the growth charts (always has been, even when I was pregnant) which isn’t surprising since Jon and I are so small.  Our pediatrician really pushed getting some solids in her, so we’ve been giving it our best shot.  She’s still exclusively on breastmilk (nurses before I leave for work, when I get home and before bed as well as taking 3 bottles of pumped milk while I’m at work).  The only foods she’s shown an interest in so far are pepperoni (discovered this on accident when I was having cheese and crackers and she snatched one and devoured it), meatloaf, brussel sprouts (another one we discovered on accident) and avocado on crackers.  We’ve tried countless other foods and she’s hated them all.  She’s also gotten really good at sneaking food to Brady which is of course adorable and equally frustrating.  Definitely an odd ball when it comes to food.

Doing things on command– While she’s been blowing raspberries for quite a while she recently has started doing them on command.  If we blow raspberries at her she’ll blow them back, pause while we blow them at her and then blow them back at us.  It’s the most fun game and keeps us all occupied for far too long.  She will crawl to me if I tell her to “come here” and will occasionally stop playing in Brady’s water if I ask her to.  Note that’s only on occasion, because playing in Brady’s water is her most favorite thing to do.  Cheeky little thing.

Talking– Still only says “dada” which was cute at first, but it’s getting old.  Give me a mama!  If we say “mama mama mama” she’ll respond by saying, “dada”.  Rude.

Straw cup– Drinking water is probably one of her most favorite things.  If she’s upset just show her a cup and she’s instantly happy.  Sometimes she chugs the entire cup of water and other times she chugs the entire cup and swallows none of it.  That’s always fun.

The countdown to her first birthday has officially begun!


  1. Jean Remmert says:

    It’s so hard to imagine she is going to be 1!!!! Time does fly! Treasure every moment. Xoxox

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