One Year Update

the baloney bug I wanted to get some “official” one year shots of Adelaide, so last weekend we went to Jon’s office where he has a mini studio set up.  Little girl had quite a difficult time standing on her mark because ohlookoverthere.

She wanted to do anything but stand in one spot, so I was pretty busy chasing her around while Jon tried to snap some photos.

the baloney bug the baloney bug Talking on the phone is still her favorite.  I mean, come on.  Killing. It.

the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug

An attempt to get her to sit still and get some mama baby photos.  Also, unsuccessful. the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug Latest tricks:

Jon and I are constantly amazed by this kid.  It seemed like at the beginning milestones were so far apart.

First there was the smile.  Then weeks later, roll over.  Months later, sit up.  Now she’s learning and growing at lightening speed.

Walking– She now walks exclusively.  If she falls, she’ll get right back up and keep going.  She often looks like a drunk lady, but that makes it even better.

Clapping– She’ll start clapping when I sing, which I judge her a little bit for, because mama can’t carry a tune.  She also does the “round and round” motion when I sing “Wheels on the Bus” which is crazy adorable.

Peekaboo– This is my favorite of the games.  She’ll pull something over her head and I say, “Where’s Adelaide?” and she pulls it down and starts laughing hysterically.  Love.

Food– Still a struggle, but we’re seeing progress.  We’ve discovered she loves oatmeal with bananas, still loving meat (chicken, kielbasa, pepperoni), yogurt and hummus.  She also loves throwing food on the floor, which is Brady’s favorite part of meal time.  And she may have shared an ice cream cone while riding in a wagon with our friend’s two year old son.

Stats– At her 1 year check up she weighed 17lbs (3rd percentile) and was in the 43rd percentile for height.  Tiny peanut.  Our doctor is no longer worried about her weight.  She’s just a tiny girl.

Hobbies– Playing in Brady’s food, eating Brady’s food, spilling Brady’s water.


  1. Aunt Beth says:

    So beautiful and darling–both of you!!

  2. Debbie Ball says:

    No daddy picture? These are so GREAT! Now how can I look at these and not want to see her again!!!! Guess we need some GRAMMY TIME!!!!! Ü Love & Hugs to all of you! ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Joan and Jon, these are absolutely adorable. Love how she stands on her heels in a few of the pictures. It will be great to look at these when she is 16 and asking for her OWN car (she had the keys at age 1) and reminding her that she has other things to do beside TALK on the phone!! I need one of these in 8×10 for our photo shelf.
    Love and Kisses to Adelaide…and you and Jon too!

  4. Can you get any cuter??? Oh my! active and on the go! trust LOVE her!!!!!

  5. We started her young with the wheels on the bus and peek a boo! Remember her gut laugh when we did it at our house!? Those were the days…baby is a little lady! The pictures are so cute!

  6. She is just perfect, just like her mama! Love these photos so much!

  7. She is just absolutely adorable. The range of emotion is priceless. Congrats to mom and dad for making it through the first year. That baby is just precious.

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