London, Part 3

the baloney bug

Remember that time I had a blog and actually kept it updated?  Ten years later and I’m still posting London pics, but hold tight, there are only 300 left to post.

My birthday fell over our trip to London, and it also happened to be the only day Jon had to work while we were there.  So while he was off earning the dolla dolla bills, Adelaide and I did some more sightseeing.

I stopped back at Westminster Abbey since we had gone on a Sunday (church closed except for services, and we had gotten there too late to attend) and Adelaide had been asleep.  I wanted to get some photos of her outside, and then to go inside and light a prayer candle.  That’s when I realized the line to get inside was around the block and I have a toddler, and well… you do the math. the baloney bug

Seconds after we took this photo with the leaf Adelaide grabbed a cigarette butt and that wasn’t gross at all.  #yesitwas the baloney bug Then we headed to Hyde Park to explore and run around for a bit.  But not without first taking the bus 20 minutes the wrong direction into the ghetto, but hey!  That’s why being a tourist is so fun!

Adelaide’s most favorite game is chasing pigeons (such a city girl) so that’s what we spent most of our time in the park doing.  I’m not sure it was necessary to fly across the pond to chase some pigeons, but it sure made her happy. the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug

We ended our day with shopping at Selfridge’s and Regent Street.  Adelaide insisted on slamming this stroller buggie into the wall, pulling it back and repeating.  Over and over.  And then had an epic meltdown when I tried to leave, where I’m sure everyone was talking about how that American woman can’t control her kid. the baloney bug

Overall we had a great day.  I drank a ton of Starbucks as I was constantly popping in to use the wifi and refresh my maps to figure out where the heck I was going.  I checked off a ton of places that I wanted to see and enjoyed quality time with my little lady.

Thank you London, for a lovely birthday.


  1. Jillian P says:

    I love these photos Joan! Adelaide is a beauty! xoxo miss you guys!

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