London, The Final Part

the baloney bug

Just a few random photos from around London… Big Ben and the London Eye behind us.  Adelaide wasn’t very impressed, so she slept through it all.

the baloney bug

You would think from this post that Adelaide often naps in her stroller.  But don’t get it wrong.  This is a rare occurrence that just happens to be documented twice in one post.  Basically, she only falls asleep when we’re about to get somewhere interesting and is wide awake for times we wish she’d take a little snooze…

the baloney bug

Oh you know, just listening to the ocean…

the baloney bug

Taking a selfie in Liberty of London.  I was so excited to visit this store.  Basically, my heaven.

the baloney bug

Playing in the trash, as babies do.

the baloney bug

Adelaide was very unimpressed with her first trip on the tube.  We went 2 stops before finding out the train was no longer running due to construction, and were forced to take the bus.  Which ended up being a blessing.  The tube was VERY un-stroller friendly, and buses were surprisingly easy and stroller accessible.  In New York you have to fold up the stroller to take it on the bus, but in London there are no steps, and there’s a place to park the stroller as well.  We ended up taking the bus exclusively after that first tube ride, and I can’t speak highly enough of our experience.  I think the great bus system (and difference between the NY buses and London’s accessibility) was actually the most shocking thing about London.

the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug We sprung for the champagne package of the London Eye.  Basically because you avoid the lines and because everything is better with a little bit of alcohol.  Except when Adelaide is running around trying to spill everyone’s champagne.  Would you believe it if I told you that we were the only ones with a baby that got the champagne package??  Party of 3, please!

London, you were too good to us.  From the changing of the guard to the shops to the amazing bus system, we loved it all.  I’m even willing to overlook you going from bright sunny skies to torrential downpours with no warning.  Until next time, my friend.


  1. Caroline says:

    Party of 3, please! That might be one of your best 1 liners!

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