Copenhagen, The Final Part

the baloney bug

Let’s wrap up Europe, shall we?  Only 2 months late.

It turned out that there was a national holiday the week we were in Copenhagen, so Jon got an extra day off work and we all enjoyed the extended weekend as a family.  We did a bit of shopping for some souvenirs (Jon picked up some gorgeous salt and pepper shakers, a blanket and Danish print for Adelaide and a whisk for me.  Clearly I live on the edge when it comes to souvenirs).  Denmark is obviously known for their good design, so we enjoyed picking up a few everyday items that will help us remember our trip.

We also took the commuter train to Sweden for an afternoon.  I have no pictures (or passport stamps!!) to prove that we were there.  But we were.

I really wanted to go in Ikea while in Sweden (we did see one).  I mean, what would be a better souvenir than a flat pack sofa straight from the motherland?

the baloney bug


the baloney bug

Traveling with a toddler is exhausting and exciting.  I love that traveling with Adelaide means doing things we wouldn’t otherwise do.  We’ll stop to sit in parks and have picnics while she gets some energy out.  Or we have to find local grocery stores to pick up fruit for her.  I was surprised that kiddie foods like yogurt melts and puffs don’t exist in Europe.  We had to start rationing the yogurt melts after we realized that we couldn’t replenish them, because those were a life saver on the flight.

Alright Europe, you were great. Thanks for such great memories!

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