Adelaide 12-17 Months

the baloney bug

I thought my last Adelaide update was like a month ago, but apparently it was almost 5 months ago.  Time flies?

We’re right around the corner from Adelaide being 17 months, which for the parent of a young child means “17 months” but to a non parent means “stop counting in months and tell me how old she is”.

I personally will count in months until she’s 2, and then I’ll stop.  So just deal with me for another 7 months.

Five sentences in and I’ve already said “months” seven times.

Now for the actual update:

Food– Still a struggle.  The last week she’s been into blueberries and blackberries.  Will occasionally eat a slice of peach or apple.  She surprises us by scarfing down something one night, and then refusing to take a bite of it the next.  We keep offering her a variety of things and are happy when she eats any of them.  I’ve given up on making her wear a bib because she HATES THEM and is a surprisingly clean eater.  I’ve decided it’s not a battle worth fighting.  If she refuses to eat while wearing a bib, but eats fine without it, then no bib it is!

She still gets exclusively breastmilk.  I nurse her before work and before bed and pump 3 bottles while I’m at work.  I’ve tried giving her cow’s milk and almond milk, and she’s refused each.  Now we are slowly mixing cow’s milk in with her bottles of breastmilk to hopefully get her used to the taste.

Words– It’s interesting the words she decides are necessary to learn.  Her first few words were dada and then mama.  Then all of a sudden it was a very clear “Brady”.  Occasionally she yells a very stern, “BOBBY!” which Jon and I think is hilarious.  We may or may not refer to Brady as “Bobby” more often than not.  Not sure where Bobby came from, since she can say Brady with no problem.  Other favorite words are milk, cheers (while clinking glasses), cheese (while taking photos) and shoes.  That brings us to hobbies…

Hobbies– Shoes.  She will bring us our shoes and even pick up our feet and put them in the shoes.  Everyone must be wearing shoes.  If you take her shoes off her, she’ll throw a fit and insist you put them back on.

She loves standing on her scooter and making us push her around, as well as taking her plastic keys and unlocking the door to her Little People Farm.  (This is a favorite hobby of mine because it keeps her entertained, quiet and out of trouble.)

And as always, she loves playing in Brady’s water.  And chasing him around while he tries to get away.

Oh, and taking everything out of my wallet.  She still hates the car, so if I give her my wallet she will literally take every single card out and throw it on the seat.  It’s a pain to clean it up after every car ride, but better than her screaming the whole way.

Quirks worth mentioning– Adelaide hates to have dirty hands and feet.  If she gets food on her hand she’ll hold it up until we clean it off.  The first day at the beach when her feet hit the sand she immediately bent over and tried to wipe the sand off her feet.  The other day I took off her shoes and plopped her in a sandbox and she immediately lifted her feet to make me dust off the sand.

Songs and Books– Favorite songs are “Old McDonald Has a Farm” (she sings the “E-I-E-I-O” part) and “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” (wags her finger along with me).  She still hates reading, which makes me so sad.  For a long time I stopped reading to her because it was a wrestling match to get her to sit still and listen.  Or she’d be tearing the book into pieces before I could even get it back.  So I tried reading while she ran around the room.  And she still snatches the book out of my hand and tries ripping it to shreds.  She’ll like to read eventually, right??

She’s also started realizing that Jon and I aren’t necessarily drinking the same things as her.  In the past if she’d reach for my soda or my beer I could hand her her sippy and say “That’s mommy’s water.  Here’s yours!” and she’d buy it.  Now she’s all, “Get that out of my face and give me that beer!”

Except with less words and more screaming.

Oh Adelaide.  You exhaust me.  You push me and challenge me.  You make me happy.

I pray every evening as I snuggle you to sleep that you were fulfilled that day.  That I’ve shown you enough love, that I’ve taught you enough, that I let your spirit soar enough.  Being your mama is such an incredible responsibility that I’m so blessed to have.

Even if you are a little crazy.


  1. Hey, I read all this stuff about how nursing and breast milk is so great for babies and kids. Do what you gotta do! You’re a great mama!

  2. Joan, where did you get your bathing suit?? It’s super cute.

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