Happy Birthday, Siena!

the baloney bug

Today is my sweet niece Siena’s second birthday.  Well, if you want to get technical it’s tomorrow, but since she’s in New Zealand, it’s already tomorrow.  So it’s her birthday today and tomorrow.  Lucky girl.

We celebrated her birthday when she was here in July.  It means so much to us to get to celebrate with her, even if it is a bit early.  Two cakes are better than one, amiright?

the baloney bug Sharing her cake with Nanny and Pop-pop

the baloney bug My parents got Siena the ultimate gift: a baby doll. 

the baloney bug What family photos look like with a toddler involved.

the baloney bug Siena may have been in a “birthday timeout” after she and Adelaide got into a massive fight over the baby doll and stroller.  Like I said, best gift ever.  My parents ended up giving Adelaide a doll and stroller as well to prevent future fights (which mostly worked) and Adelaide is equally obsessed with the toys, even months later.  That’s a big compliment in toddler world, considering most toys last .05 minutes before she loses interest.

the baloney bug And one final shot that’s not birthday related at all, because, that ponytail.

Happy Birthday, Siena!  We love you so much, sweet girl.


  1. Merridith says:

    Aw thanks sissy! She loves all her baby doll accessories from Aunty Joan (or as she says “Doan”).

  2. Merridith says:

    And also LOL her finger in the babydoll’s eye!

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