A Formal Affair

the baloney bug

Jon and I went to a formal wedding a few weeks ago, which means an excuse for us to get all dressed up and have a night of drinking and dancing, sans toddler.  My mom came up to spend the week with me, since Jon was leaving the next day for a business trip.  It was amazing to have her come up a day early to babysit while we got to enjoy ourselves at the wedding.  All you people who live close to family and get free babysitting are so lucky! It was seriously such a luxury.

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to wear, whether I wanted to dig through my closet and find something I already owned, or buy something new.  Then I saw an ad from Rent the Runway and started browsing their site and fell in love with this green dress.  I figured it would be cheaper to rent the dress than to buy something new, and if I bought something, how many times would I really wear it?

You get to pick 2 sizes when you rent, so you’re almost guaranteed that it will fit.  You can also browse photos and reviews from people who have worn the dress before, and search by height and weight.  That was tremendously helpful because I ended up ordering the dress in a petite size, which I would have never done without the reviews.  The petite ended up being a perfect fit.

I also rented the gold clutch, which I was obsessed with and had a hard time letting go when it was time to return it.

I was a huge fan of my first RTR experience.  I know this sounds like a paid review, but I swear it’s not.  I loved getting all glammed up and would definitely suggest renting an outfit to anyone who needs something for the upcoming holidays.

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

It’s amazing what a gorgeous dress and a little hair and makeup will do for a girl.  Jon and I rarely get date nights, and it was so nice to get out together and have a good time celebrating our friends marriage.

A big congrats to our friends Edward and Ashley!  Wishing you so much happiness as husband and wife.



  1. You guys look like you’re straight out of a magazine!!! Gorgeous!!!! and so blessed that I got to babysit sweet Adelaide!!

  2. Debbie Ball says:

    You both look stunning! And since I personally favor the color of your dress I loved it immediately – the style is amazing! And it looks fantastic on you & with your hair color! Glad you had a fun time playing dress-up & getting out & enjoying yourselves while Nanny had fun with Adelaide!!! And yes – I am spoiled living so close to Marilyn!!!!

  3. Wow! You look so gorgeous! I hope you took Christmas card photos in those outfits!

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