20 Months

the baloney bug Adelaide’s vocabulary seems to be increasing daily.

As do her opinions.

She insists on wearing her rainboots EVERYWHERE.  Literally the second she wakes up in the morning, the first word out of her mouth is “boots”.  I made the mistake of trying to make her wear different shoes this week, and she had a major meltdown.  I thought it would pass in a few minutes, but she was literally upset that she wasn’t wearing her boots the entire time we were out.

If you see us out and about, she’ll be in her rainboots.

Before the boots, she was obsessed with a set of house keys.  One particular set.  She even held them while she napped.  Obsessed.  She still loves the keys, but she loves her boots more.

Jon and I laugh that of course our kid is obsessed with shoes.

She wants to walk everywhere.  The majority of the time she refuses to sit in the stroller or be worn, but I’m mostly okay with that because I’m not in a hurry.

Except today.  It’s really cold.

Her eating habits have gotten much better.  Her favorite food is kielbasa, which she calls “boppy”, followed by bananas and hard boiled eggs.  Well, really she just likes to crack and peel the eggs.

We were baking the other day and she was standing on her step stool “helping”, and I turn around to a raw egg all over the counter.  Someone didn’t realize that not all eggs are hard boiled…

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

She’s such a sweet little girl.  So full of personality and laughter.

I’m also finding my groove as a stay at home mom.  I need to have things planned every day, because staying in the apartment would make me go stir crazy.  Adelaide takes music, art and gym classes, which are awesome for getting us out of the house and doing something we can’t do at home.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. Glad you are getting in the groove of staying home! We stay home all day, maybe twice a month and it’s only on nice days when we still walk to the playground. I can’t take being home all day. It makes me insane. Getting out has definitely been the key to me staying home. We’ve been loving our music class. Hope you like yours!

  2. Jean remmert says:

    What a sweet little girl she is! I love her independence and love of shoes/boots! She has determination that will serve her well when she is older!!! Can’t wait to see her next week!

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