Adelaide’s First Gingerbread House

the baloney bug

My friend from high school invited Adelaide and I over for a Gingerbread House making party over the weekend, and we had so much fun.

Technically, Adelaide’s fun revolved around eating the candy.  I kept looking down to see bites taken out of our Hershey kiss walkway.

Sneaky little thing.

the baloney bug the baloney bug

Christmas this year is so different than last year.  While Adelaide still has no idea who Santa is, she’s able to participate and get excited about what we’re doing.  Last year she didn’t really pay much attention to her gifts, and favored the boxes and wrapping paper instead.  This year I am so excited for Christmas morning to see her open her gifts that we’ve selected for her.  It’s taking so much will power to not run to the closet and grab them and let her play with them right now.

(My mom came thisclose to caving yesterday when she was watching Adelaide because she’s so excited as well.  Grandmas!)

We still haven’t seen Santa yet, and I’m a little nervous that she’ll flat out refuse to go anywhere near him.  Anyone have tips for meeting Santa they can share??


  1. What a good idea to use milk cartons for the base! The roof is already shaped. I don’t have have any tips on seeing Santa, since I usually end up with one kid in tears, but it will be cute either way.

  2. The first pic she looks a lot like your mom.

    Christmas is so much more exciting with kids! This year G has no idea what’s happening. I can’t wait for the years to come and seeing him just as excited.

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