New Zealand: Playgrounds

the baloney bug

We went to some seriously incredible playgrounds while we were in New Zealand.  Adelaide is adventurous (to say the least) and is not afraid to climb high and swing fast.  I’d never seen some of the pieces of equipment, and we often found ourselves having even more fun than the kids.

While we were there Adelaide also found her sense of fashion.

Um, the socks and the shoes were all her.

The rainbow sunglasses were on rain or shine.

She also magically learned her colors while we were in New Zealand.  One day she just knew them.  Every single one.  She started trying to say her name for the first time, and magically poop potty trained herself.  Every single poo was in the toilet.

Then we got home and she was like “Nah, I’m good, just change my diaper.”

I’m letting her take the reins with potty training and have been trying not to push it.  We just started a rewards system when she goes on the potty, but so far she’d rather forfeit the rewards and go in her diaper.

Le sigh.

She is very opinionated about what she wears.  I definitely thought I would have more time to pick out her clothes, but now when I shop for her I find myself thinking, “Is this her style?  Is this something she’ll like?”

Basically if it’s pink and has a heart on it, she’ll like it.

She’s incredibly opinionated about her shoes, often times shoving her foot in a shoe she’s long since outgrown.  Last week she found a pair of shoes that I bought on sale at the end of the season, still too big for her feet, but insisted on wearing them.  By the end of the hour she had red marks on her feet from where they were rubbing, but she still insisted on wearing them.  Luckily I had planned ahead and brought her comfy shoes to switch into, which she finally and reluctantly agreed to wear.

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

I joke that our very opinionated child is the classic first born.

And classic only child.

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