We’ve Moved!

Well, sort of.  But really. 

A few weeks ago our neighbors told us they were moving and if we wanted their apartment, it’s up for grabs.  It’s still a one bedroom, and an identical layout to our current apartment, but it’s on the first floor.

Between the baby, the dog and the stroller, climbing a few flights of stairs has become a bit of an issue.  There’s no where in the lobby to leave our stroller, so we’re constantly lugging it up and down the stairs.  So we thought, “Move downstairs?  Sure, why not?”

Turns out this little move is a big move.  Moving is still moving.  There are a few different things about this apartment than our old ones.  Just a few inches here or there, but when you live in a one bedroom apartment with a baby, a few inches translates to a lot.

Jon came back from Thanksgiving early to get us moved in, and has been working like crazy to get us settled.  I’m so thankful for that man who works so hard for his family.  And my parents agreed to keep Brady until Christmas, which has just been the biggest help.  We miss him like crazy, and I’m sad when I go to sleep that he’s not at the bottom of the bed keeping my feet warm.  But the extra few minutes of sleep in the morning not having to get all bundled up and walk him has been a nice break.  I’m excited to bring him back and when he sprints up the stairs to the third floor I’ll call him back and say, “No Brady, we live here now.”

In other news, Adelaide says “da da” like crazy, so I’m making it my sole mission in life to get her to say “ma ma”.

And her favorite toy is keys.  And phones.  And rocks.  Anything but baby toys, really.  Love that kid.

Dog Food Diaries

the baloney bug the baloney bug

I have a feeling photos like these are going to be happening fairly frequently.  We officially have a crawler on our hands, and just in time for her 8 month birthday.  She sometimes scoots along on her butt, other times a full out crawl.  And she’ll only crawl to something she really wants, which is almost always Brady’s food.

Poor Brady has had to sit and watch her play in his food, and last night even ate dinner while she played in his water.  I make it a “rule” to not let her get near him while he eats.  Not that he would ever do anything to hurt her, but this way it will never be an issue.  She got to break the rule for a few seconds while I snapped these photos, then I praised Brady with lots of treats and pets for being such a good boy.

I’d also like to add that Adelaide still isn’t a big fan of solid foods, but dog food.  Dog food, she’ll eat. 

When you let your baby feed herself…

the baloney bug

…very little will get in her mouth.  And the dog will be instant best friends with the baby.  Happy Friday!

Speaking Brady’s Language

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

There’s no better way to tell your dog you love him, than to give him a finished jar of peanut butter to clean.

Country Boy

the baloney bug

Brady so wishes he could be a country dog.  He just loves sitting out in the sun in unbearably hot weather.  He loves running through the gardens, rolling in the grass, chasing the ball as far as I can throw.

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

Luckily for him we’ve been visiting his grandparents an awful lot, so he’s definitely getting his fill of country living.

Brady’s Dream Land

the baloney bug When we were on the hunt for a beach house we had to make sure it was enough space for all six adults and two babies, as well as be pet friendly and be on the water.  And with easy access for Brady to swim (as opposed to a dock).  We’re so those people, the ones who plan vacations around their dog’s interests.

But whatever, this dog loves to swim.  Throughout the course of the day Brady manages to get all six of us out there at one point or another to throw the ball for him.  I think he tries to ask me last, since I can barely get the ball into the water.

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug Then when we’re all inside at the end of the day, the babies sleeping peacefully, Brady sits in the center of the room and falls asleep sitting up.

These are the best days.


The Last Three Months in iPhone Photos

the baloney bug the baloney bug

^^the night my water broke

the baloney bug the baloney bug

^^baby’s first bar.  these are memories.

the baloney bug the baloney bug

the baloney bug the baloney bug

the baloney bug the baloney bug

the baloney bug the baloney bug

^^we call this bradysitting

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Big Brother

the baloney bug

A surprising amount of people have asked how Brady is adjusting to life with baby.  I’m not gonna lie, I was a little nervous how he would adjust, but he’s been a total rock star.

When we first brought Adelaide in the door Brady seemed a little scared of her.  By the end of the night he had not only warmed up to her but was trying to kiss her everytime she cried.

Now whenever she makes the littlest peep Brady is the first one to run over and check on his sister.  It’s basically the sweetest thing ever.

So in love with my little family.

Pretty Boy

brady's so pretty

I think Brady’s ready for his sister to arrive so I will leave him alone already.

Brady on Being Responsible

cutest dog ever

The other day we had a Health Fair at work, which basically means I roam around the room collecting free pens from the different booths.  And then I noticed everyone picking up the little Snoopy Metlife stuffed animals for their kids and I’m all, “Oh I should get one of those too.  Except not for my kid.  For my dog.”

munch munch munch

pondering his financial future

He spent the rest of the evening carrying around his new prized possession.  I like to think he was pondering his financial future.

Such a smart pup.