Adelaide’s Donut Party

the baloney bug I never thought I’d feel so emotional about my baby turning one.  I always hear moms talking about their kid turning one and think, “Okay, it’s not really that big of a deal.

But it is.  In so many ways.

I mean, first off, I survived a year of parenting.  I think that alone is worth a party.

There were days over the last year that just dragged on, but then somehow they turned into weeks and before I knew it, I had a one year old.  One who is walking and doing tricks and constantly making me laugh.

I keep thinking back to a year ago when my water broke, when we walked the halls of the hospital, when I trusted my body and when I became a mother.  I think about that call I made to my mom to tell her I was in labor and how I started crying thinking about how my life was about to change, while she told me I could do this.

My life has stayed the same in some ways, and simultaneously changed in every way.

I sometimes forget that I’m a mom.  When I go to work or when I am out without Adelaide.  I’m just another normal person on the street, except I’m not.  I’m a mother to a precious girl.  A one year old.

the baloney bug

I decided a while back that the party theme would be donuts.  And yes, donuts can be a party theme.  Why not?  We served donuts from Doughnut Plant which were a huge hit.  Since our party was at noon, I wanted to serve brunch type foods.  We had also rented out a space, so I couldn’t serve any hot foods.  I finally decided on donuts (of course), bagels, donut shaped cake pops, chicken salad on croissants and fresh fruit cups.  And booze. 14-03-08_1st_Birthday_05 the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug

The majority of our party was adults, so we set up a bloody mary bar (so much fun picking ingredients for this- even made some bacon which was a hit), mimosas (with orange and grapefruit juice), water and coffee.  I had a dream a few days before the party that we forgot celery for the bloody mary bar.  The horror!

We also asked that our friends not bring gifts.  We live in a tiny apartment and just don’t have the space for extra things.  Plus we wanted to just have our friends all gather and come have a good time without have to worry about picking out a gift for a one year old.  Our friends are so generous though, and literally every person asked if they could bring something or help out in some way.  In hindsight I might have asked them to bring food or toiletries for the shelter my church supports so that they didn’t feel awkward showing up empty handed.

The room was filled with our friends and family who love us and love Adelaide.  To look every direction and see the people that have helped you raise your daughter is a feeling like no other.  I know how lucky I am to have had the support I’ve had over the last year and I’m eternally grateful for every single one of those people.  It really does take a village. the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug I was hesitant to have a smash cake at the party for a few reasons.  We’d have to get a high chair to the party location, Adelaide would of course get messy, but how messy?  I decided to suck it up and go for it.  The cake was made at a local bakery (I just asked for a plain white 4″ cake) and I put donut shaped cake pops on top.

I brought a change of clothes for her and a ton of wipes. 

Turns out we didn’t really need them because girlfriend doesn’t want any cake.

the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug

She was not at all interested in the cake.  She picked off the donuts one by one and tossed them to the ground.  She wouldn’t even touch the cake, so finally Jon put his finger in the icing and gave her a taste.  She was still skeptical.  Finally, we got her a fork and she took a few bites off of a fork and then tried to stand up and get out of her chair.  Basically, it was the cleanest smash cake you’ve ever seen.  She didn’t wear a bib and didn’t get a speck of icing on her clothes.  She kills me. the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug I still can’t believe I have a one year old.  I’m so lucky to be her mama.

Brady’s New Tempurpedic

Last week hubs and I got a new mattress, which of course required laying on what seemed like endless mattresses before finding the right one.  It was all very Princess and the Pea.  Hubs really took this to heart and caught a couple z’s along the way.  I snapped photos and giggled.

Naturally when the mattress actually made its way into our apartment Brady was the first one to test it out.

After testing the new mattress he took extreme interest in the discarded mattress pad.  Like, sat on it every chance he got.

So that’s when hubs decided that we should dispose of the cheap pillows in Brady’s bed and replace it with the mattress pad.  We were going to throw it away anyways, so why not let Brady live in the lap of luxury?  Not that he didn’t already live in the lap of luxury, but let’s look past that.

Hubs did a little measuring, a little cutting and voila!  Brady’s bed now has its very own custom fit mattress.

Brady lovesss his new bed.  But I think I can no longer pretend that he’s really not that spoiled.

Pink Potted Plants

Hubs and I decided that our balcony needed some finishing touches in the form of potted plants.  Of course we couldn’t just throw some plants into a pot and call it a day.  We headed to IKEA and bought these grey planters.  Then drove to our friend’s house so we could borrow his backyard and get our spray paint on.  A little tape, a little spray paint and these babies were good to go.

While I was in Spain hubs chose out all of the flowers on his own.  You know, with the very specific list of pre-approved plants that I gave him.

We also picked up these over the rail planters that we decided would be the perfect spot for our herbs.  This is our very first attempt at growing anything on our own, better yet in tiny little pots.  I’m pretty excited about being able to grab some mint on a warm summer evening and put it in my lemonade.  Or my vodka lemonade.  Tomato, tahmahto.

Now we just have to try to make sure Brady doesn’t think these new plants are an invitation for him to mark our balcony.


Arts and Crafts

I recently had a meeting with my company’s HR department and when asked what my ideal job would be I replied, “arts and crafts”.  Luckily I work for a very creative company and there’s more than enough room for getting artsy.

So a couple of nights ago when I was sitting at our table cutting out the silhouette of my dog’s head out of glitter paper I realized how little I had been joking.  I could definitely do arts and crafts for a living.

Living in New York I’ve learned to not take any spaces for granted.  I literally said to hubs last night, “Oh!  Here are a couple of inches we’re not using!” as I was re-arranging some dishes in our kitchen.  It’s that serious.

And that’s how this little awkward wall space became the spot we keep Brady’s leash.  There wasn’t room for anything else so I convinced hubs that adding a silhouette of our boy would polish it off.  I’m pretty sure he thought I had lost it when I came home from the craft store with some gold glitter paper, but I think in the end he agreed I was right.

Like always.

Wecome to 3B

I loved having a pumpkin on my doorstep so much that it was really upsetting when Halloween was over and I had to throw it out.  So I decided that I could DIY my own wreath.  I dragged the hubs to Michael’s to pick out a couple different colors of yarn.  He kept pretending that he didn’t want to be there, but I know he secretly loved picking out yarn.

Why wouldn’t he?

To make the pom-poms I tied the yarn around two fingers and then snipped the ends.

Then I hot glued them to a styrofoam wreath.

And hung from the completed wreath from the door.

Pattern Mixing

Okay, so you may have figured out by now that me being in the plumbing aisle is a bit like a fish out of water.  I was really there because I got the idea to use metal pipes to hang our curtains.  I wanted them to give the apartment a more industrial feel. 

So we headed to Home Depot (or Lowe’s, the jury is still out on that one) to pick up the supplies.  Hubs was all, “Are you sure you want to follow me around the hardware store?” and I was all, “I LOVE HARDWARE STORES!”

We ended up getting these black malleable iron pipes (thank you Google for giving them a name) which I later found out are actually gas pipes (thank you Wikipedia).

It’s hard to tell from the photo (because hubs refused to stand on the table to get a close up) but the curtain rods are made from these, these and these.

I ordered the fabric for the curtains from here and spent Sunday night sewing the curtains.  What I love about this fabric website is that you can order by color, so I know that the fabric that’s on the pillows and Brady’s bed will be the exact yellow in the curtains.

Speaking of Brady’s dog bed- I have a confession.  I had the bed and the pillows custom made by Ann on Etsy.  I had been searching high and low for a dog bed that was attractive and affordable and was coming up with nothing.  I finally took my search over to Etsy where I found Ann.  She worked with me to get a custom sized dog bed, and I got to choose from a huge array of fabrics. 

Notice how the side of Brady’s bed matches the pillows on the couch?  That was intentional.  Now Brady’s bed isn’t an eye sore, it actually ties in with the rest of the room.  I can’t say better things about Ann, so if you need anything custom definitely head over to her Etsy store.

(I was not paid or perked for this review, I really do just love what she’s done for my living room.)

I’ve really been enjoying mixing patterns in our new apartment.  It’s the things like this that give our cookie cutter apartment a more custom feel.

My weekend started out in the plumbing section of Lowe’s. Or was it Home Depot? Does it really matter anyways?

I was very excited to have a project to hold me over for the weekend. Stay tuned to find out why in the world I was in the plumbing aisle on a Friday night. Did you accomplish any DIY this weekend?

Pumpkin Decorating

I don’t think hubs and I have ever bought a pumpkin since getting hitched, so I decided this year I wanted to get one of our very own.  Even if it was a total New York City “Pumpkin Picking Experience”.  Meaning we skipped the big pumpkin patches, hay rides and apple cider and instead went to the corner store and picked one up.

Very sentimental, I’m aware.

Instead of carving the pumpkin and inviting pests into my home I decided to use thumb tacks to write a big letter “G”. 

For “Gantsa”.  Or my last name.  You decide.

A Baby Filled Weekend

This weekend mostly revolved around the Wilky baby.  I absolutely love planning events so mere days after Melissa announced her pregnancy I begged, “Can I throw your baby shower?”  Friday night was filled with last minute details, Saturday was filled with the actual shower and Sunday was a full day maternity shoot.  Oh baby!

Kelly and I tackled the sweets while Sarah perfected the invitations and the healthy foods.  After months of planning and endless arts and crafts the shower was finally here.  I think that Kelly and I were ready in August, being the obsessive compulsive party planners that we are. 

One thing that I’ve been dying to try my hand at is cake pops.  Here’s a photo of them, and stay tuned later in the week I’ll tell you the ridiculous process it took to make these adorable little pops.

The candy buffet with mason jars to fill as favors.

Here’s good friend Tomi from theafterall.  Yep, I think every blogger I know was at this baby shower.

I apologize in advance if you aren’t into babies, because you’re going to get more baby related photos later in the week.  I’ll try to have something weird and random occur in my life so there’s variety in my blogging…

The hubs and I decided to tell my parents we were thinking of moving back to New York when we were s

The hubs and I decided to tell my parents we were thinking of moving back to New York when we were sitting at brunch one day and my mom is telling us her grand plans of redecorating our kitchen.  She had recently put in a dishwasher and a garbage disposal, and was planning to put in new countertops and a backsplash. 

We figured that after we told them we were leaving they would decide these upgrades were unnecessary.  But no, not my mother.  She lives for a good project.



I was surprised how big an impact those two changes made in the kitchen.  Not to mention that I’ve packed up most of our kitchen belongings so the countertops are nice and clean. 

Next project: packing.