Adelaide’s Donut Party

the baloney bug I never thought I’d feel so emotional about my baby turning one.  I always hear moms talking about their kid turning one and think, “Okay, it’s not really that big of a deal.

But it is.  In so many ways.

I mean, first off, I survived a year of parenting.  I think that alone is worth a party.

There were days over the last year that just dragged on, but then somehow they turned into weeks and before I knew it, I had a one year old.  One who is walking and doing tricks and constantly making me laugh.

I keep thinking back to a year ago when my water broke, when we walked the halls of the hospital, when I trusted my body and when I became a mother.  I think about that call I made to my mom to tell her I was in labor and how I started crying thinking about how my life was about to change, while she told me I could do this.

My life has stayed the same in some ways, and simultaneously changed in every way.

I sometimes forget that I’m a mom.  When I go to work or when I am out without Adelaide.  I’m just another normal person on the street, except I’m not.  I’m a mother to a precious girl.  A one year old.

the baloney bug

I decided a while back that the party theme would be donuts.  And yes, donuts can be a party theme.  Why not?  We served donuts from Doughnut Plant which were a huge hit.  Since our party was at noon, I wanted to serve brunch type foods.  We had also rented out a space, so I couldn’t serve any hot foods.  I finally decided on donuts (of course), bagels, donut shaped cake pops, chicken salad on croissants and fresh fruit cups.  And booze. 14-03-08_1st_Birthday_05 the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug

The majority of our party was adults, so we set up a bloody mary bar (so much fun picking ingredients for this- even made some bacon which was a hit), mimosas (with orange and grapefruit juice), water and coffee.  I had a dream a few days before the party that we forgot celery for the bloody mary bar.  The horror!

We also asked that our friends not bring gifts.  We live in a tiny apartment and just don’t have the space for extra things.  Plus we wanted to just have our friends all gather and come have a good time without have to worry about picking out a gift for a one year old.  Our friends are so generous though, and literally every person asked if they could bring something or help out in some way.  In hindsight I might have asked them to bring food or toiletries for the shelter my church supports so that they didn’t feel awkward showing up empty handed.

The room was filled with our friends and family who love us and love Adelaide.  To look every direction and see the people that have helped you raise your daughter is a feeling like no other.  I know how lucky I am to have had the support I’ve had over the last year and I’m eternally grateful for every single one of those people.  It really does take a village. the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug I was hesitant to have a smash cake at the party for a few reasons.  We’d have to get a high chair to the party location, Adelaide would of course get messy, but how messy?  I decided to suck it up and go for it.  The cake was made at a local bakery (I just asked for a plain white 4″ cake) and I put donut shaped cake pops on top.

I brought a change of clothes for her and a ton of wipes. 

Turns out we didn’t really need them because girlfriend doesn’t want any cake.

the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug

She was not at all interested in the cake.  She picked off the donuts one by one and tossed them to the ground.  She wouldn’t even touch the cake, so finally Jon put his finger in the icing and gave her a taste.  She was still skeptical.  Finally, we got her a fork and she took a few bites off of a fork and then tried to stand up and get out of her chair.  Basically, it was the cleanest smash cake you’ve ever seen.  She didn’t wear a bib and didn’t get a speck of icing on her clothes.  She kills me. the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug I still can’t believe I have a one year old.  I’m so lucky to be her mama.

The Neverending Snow Day

the baloney bug

Friday night Jon and I decided to take a last minute trip to Maryland.  He had been away on business last week and I really needed to get away for a bit.  The first few snows of the year were so exciting, but now it’s just becoming stressful.  The snow is piling up all around us, making it nearly impossible to park the car, and dangerous to walk the dog.

Brady gets three walks a day and being the sole person in charge of walking him, with baby in tow, while Jon was away was getting to me.  I needed to get out of this place for a few days!  A long weekend seemed like the perfect time to throw everyone in the car and go on a road trip.  We didn’t even pack bags, I just grabbed all the laundry and left.

Adelaide doesn’t seem to mind the cold weather, but as soon as I put her down in the snow to snap a couple of photos she lost her marbles. the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug We’re back in the city where it’s snowing (again).  The first few snows were magical, but now I’m just over it.

Come on spring, come on.

A {Very Belated} Christmas Post

the baloney bug Oh, was Christmas over a month ago?  That’s funny.  Well, these pictures are still adorable, and better late than never.  Right?  Right??

the baloney bug the baloney bug Be still my heart.  That face. 

the baloney bug Her favorite activity: giving the dog her food.

the baloney bug the baloney bug Ha!  That face! 

the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug Giving Nanny the hand print ornament we made.

the baloney bug Not so excited for her thank you kiss.

the baloney bug the baloney bug Like a pro on that laptop.

the baloney bug One of her favorite hobbies: riding on Daddy’s shoulders.

the baloney bug She *always* loses one sock.

the baloney bug Merry belated Christmas.  The holidays had so much more meaning and sparkle with a little one this year.

And Christmas pjs.  Those make everything more fun.

San Francisco

the baloney bug

Last week Jon had to be in San Francisco for work, so Adelaide and I tagged along.

My days in San Francisco were essentially identical to my days in New York- wake up, feed Adelaide, hang out a bit and then head out to walk around town.  The main difference being when I got back to our room the bed was made and everything was a tad tidier than when I left.

I can definitely get behind that.

the baloney bug the baloney bug

We spent the week there and then headed to Napa for the weekend.  One lady we met along the way was all, “Oh you should take the baby to Disneyland since it’s free until she’s two” and we’re all, “Heck no, we’re going to Disneyland for adults- Napa.”

A few more…

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

…of my niece, just because she’s so stinking cute.

My sister, brother-in-law and niece are all back in New Zealand.  It was definitely sad saying goodbye to them, but we’re so thankful for the time we got with them.  We probably won’t get to see them again until next summer (the flight! so long!) so until then, there’s FaceTime.

I bet if I had told my ten year old self that I’d be using my cell phone or my handheld computer (also known as an iPad, but my ten year old self wouldn’t know the name, duh) to video chat with my big sister who lives half way around the world I would have never believed it.

To be fair, my ten year old self would probably not believe that I was married with a baby.  Because, you know, cooties.

Matchy Matchy

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

At my baby shower my godmother was so thoughtful and gave me matching outfits for Adelaide and Siena.  I thought it was so sweet of her to think of the cousins.

My mom used to dress us like our cousin, and we always tease her about how cheesy it was.  Now, here we are with our own girls in their matching outfits.

It really just doesn’t get better than this.

Siena’s Fake 1st Birthday

the baloney bug

We decided to have a first birthday party for my niece before she headed back to New Zealand, even though her birthday isn’t until the end of August.  Even though we FaceTime multiple times a week we still don’t get to be there in person for the majority of the big (and small) things.

I think it was special for all of us to get to celebrate with Siena.  To sing to her, to cheer her on as she smashed her cupcake, to give her the gifts we so carefully picked out.

the baloney bug the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug the baloney bug

Happy Fake 1st Birthday, Siena.  We love you so much.

Thrill Rides

the baloney bug My sister convinced me to leave Adelaide at home with my mom so that we could go to Six Flags for an afternoon.  It was the longest I’ve been away from her yet (five hours!) and I was a bit hesitant.  Luckily there were six women (yes, six) that had volunteered to watch Adelaide and my sister’s daughter, Siena.

We got to the park and immediately headed to the water park to cool off.  Rode a couple of rides there and then headed over to the main attraction.  After the first ride I was in enough pain from my head being banged around, but we kept on going.  There were absolutely no lines, so we quickly got on and off every major roller coaster at the park.  By the end of the day my head was pounding.  I was all, “Oh sorry, I gotta head home… the baby.”

I was never so happy to get in an overheated car and head home to my baby.

I’ve had my share of roller coasters for the next ten years.  The next time I’ll be riding one is when my own daughter is ready.


the baloney bug

This summer we’ve been getting to see our family more than ever, and it means so much to get to spend this time in our life with them. Last weekend we had a big picnic with the extended family, and my father in law Richard got this shot of us.  I’m so thankful he had his camera out, because I get so caught up in the moment and forget to take pictures.

We’re enjoying the last couple of days with the family before heading back to New York.  And of course enjoying grandma babysitting while mama gets a moment to herself.

Family Photos

the baloney bug

Every year we take one night to do photos of the whole family.  Except this year we had the addition of two babies (I was 4 weeks pregnant when we went to the beach last year)!

the baloney bug all family photos must include one silly

the baloney bug the proud grandparents

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug sister sister!

the baloney bug

the baloney bug we attempted to get a few with brady…

the baloney bug but all he cared about was swimming.

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

We’re back in New York and back to reality.

But if reality is hanging out with the sweetest baby all day, then that’s just fine by me.