Week 39

the baloney bug

Just one week left until my due date.  One more week.  I’m still in a bit of shock that I could be having this baby any day now.

Friday is my last day at the office, which is for the best because going to doctor’s appointments has become a full time job.  I already have appointments scheduled past my due date.  The power of positive thinking, really.

Some other random updates:

I went from not waking up to go to the bathroom at night to waking up once a night to waking up every three hours.  Like clockwork, every three hours.

I wake up sweating because Brady has decided his new place to sleep is as close to me as he can get.  Up until a couple of weeks ago he slept at the bottom of the bed, then all the sudden he started sleeping up at my chest and pressed as close to me as he can possibly get.  It’s kind of the sweetest thing ever.  And only the tiniest bit annoying.

At my sonogram last week I got to see the baby practice breathing.  Who knew they even did that??  So proud of her already!

I’ve had more strangers comment on my belly in the last week than the entire first 38 weeks combined.  I’ve been getting lots of congratulations and I can finally get a seat on the subway.  Took nine months, but we’re there!

Not one single stranger has tried to touch the belly.  Thank goodness.

Yesterday I finally got around to packing my bag for the hospital.  It took a considerable amount of time deciding what top I’d wear home from the hospital.  Should I pack a maternity shirt or would I be able to fit into one of my normal shirts again??  The thought of being able to wear normal shirts again is pretty exciting.

the baloney bug

the baloney bug

Alright little lady, I’m ready whenever you are.

Week 38

the baloney bug

Ohmygosh, we’re so close I can feel it.  This weekend nesting mode kicked into overdrive.  Basically, I’m cleaning for the arrival of a roommate who I’ve never met, I have no idea when she’ll be arriving and I have no idea what her personality is going to be like.  And it’s the last time I’m going to be able to clean, EVER.  Right?

I’m still feeling great, with the exception of not being able to roll myself off the couch anymore.

My plan is to work all the way up to my due date, which means only ten more days of work until the end.  Technically I can stop whenever I’d like, but I’d rather go into the office and have something to do instead of sitting on the couch all day watching Oprah reruns.

week 38, the baloney bug

time is ticking for the only child

Plus I’m not sure Brady is ready to have me home full time quite yet.  I’ll give him the next two weeks before I totally throw his quiet weekdays out the window.

Week 37

the baloney bug

Full term, baby, FULL TERM.  That officially means that this little lady is welcome to come whenever she’d like.  While I want her to continue to bake until the full 40 weeks, part of me would love to have her here right this minute.

This week sleeping and breathing got exponentially harder.  Sometimes I’ll be standing there doing nothing and find myself trying to catch my breath.  And climbing those two flights of stairs to the apartment or up to the subway at rush hour have just become total highlights of my day.

As for sleep, you’re supposed to sleep on your left side so that the baby gets the best blood flow, which of course can get old after a while.  What I wouldn’t give to sleep on my stomach (ha, that’s obviously not happening) or even my back.  But I’m a rule follower so left side it is.  I wake up in the middle of the night feeling so sore and stiff and totally convinced I’m going to start getting bed sores.

Then before bed one night Jon’s all, “You know, you’ve been snoring a lot recently.”

OH, I’M SO SORRY.  This whole pregnancy thing must be really hard on you.



the baloney bug

And then he told me I was beautiful.  Even when I snore.

How to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe While Pregnant

thebaloneybug.com I’m nearly at the end of this pregnancy, and for the most part have loved dressing the bump.  I had one meltdown around month 7 where “I had nothing to wear” and literally came to work crying.  It can be really hard trying to look and feel good when your belly is growing at an exponential rate.

I figured I’d put together a couple of the things that have kept me sane (and gotten me out the door in the morning at a reasonable time) to hopefully help some other mama-to-be out there:

1. Invest in some great cardigans.  And of course, shop your closet for the ones you already have!

how to dress while pregnant

First of all, can I ask: what is the deal with maternity cardigans??  Seriously, how are they different than non-maternity cardigans?  At the beginning of my pregnancy I bought a couple pull over sweaters a size up, but those quickly became too short.  If you’re going to buy any type of sweater, make it a cardigan.

I have been loving throwing a bright cardigan, or this Aztec cardigan over one of my maternity tees.  They act as a great accessory to your basics.  Which brings me to number two:

2. Buy the basics.

how to dress while pregnant

I basically live in these $10 maternity tees from Target.  You can dress them up with a great pair of heels, add a cardigan or jacket over them, or lounge around the house in them.  Throw on a fun necklace or scarf and you’re good to go.  My maternity tees have by far been my most worn item.

3. Get a Belly Band!

how to dress while pregnant

I’m sure all of the pregnant ladies have heard of these, but it’s basically a strip of stretchy fabric that you wear over your normal pants, so that you can wear them unbuttoned.  I bought this one and really love it.

I should mention that I hated the belly band in the beginning of my pregnancy, but now at the end I wear it quite regularly.  You can’t even tell that my pants are unzipped in that photo, can you?

4. Sign up for emails, shop sales/consignment and borrow from friends.

If I’m placing an order at Gap or Old Navy, I wait until a 30% off code comes around.  I’ve gotten a ton of name brand maternity wear from Gilt at discount.  And I’m willing to bet you also have friends with a bag or two of maternity clothes collecting dust in their basement.  Ask them!

5. Buy one or two trendy pieces.

how to dress while pregnant

For the most part I wore what I already owned, or bought maternity basics.  But I decided to go out on a limb with these floral jeans.  Pregnant women should get to have some fun too, right?  And I don’t feel bad buying a pair of trendy maternity jeans because trends generally last one season anyways.  So why not have fun and indulge in the trends while pregnant?

6. Shop free shipping and free returns.

It’s almost impossible to tell if something is going to look good on your pregnant belly over a computer screen.  I bought a couple maternity pieces from one national chain only to receive it and have it all look awful.  I didn’t realize that you can only return via the mail (even though they have stores in every mall!) so I had to pay return shipping.  That really made me mad, and was the last time I purchased anything from them.

Instead, I’ve bought almost all of my maternity clothes from Gap, Old Navy and Target (Target doesn’t offer free returns, but you can return to any store).  They all have $50 free shipping minimums, but that’s easy to reach.  Plus you can just return the items that don’t fit for free!

7. Invest in one good pair of maternity jeans.

how to dress while pregnant

Seriously, a pair of great fitting jeans will make all the difference in the world.  I bought these (from Gilt at about half price) and have seriously lived in them.  They fit well, they’re comfortable and they make me feel good.  And who doesn’t want to feel great in their jeans?

Week 36

the baloney bug Just four weeks left to go until my due date.  My emotions go back and forth between excited and nervous, but more and more the nervousness is turning to excitement.  I can’t wait to meet this little lady who has been spending ridiculous amounts of time kicking me in the ribs. 36 weeks preggo tries not to fall Friday night Jon and I stayed inside cuddled up with some take out while the snow came down outside.  Then we spent a good chunk of Saturday outside playing in the snow with Brady.  Catching snowballs might just be his very favorite thing ever. someone wants to play snowbaby air time close up I’m so in love with my little family.  Little one, we can’t wait to meet you.

Week 35

week 35

The countdown is officially on.  Just five more weeks to go.  I could say this a hundred times, but it seems like the shortest amount of time and the longest amount of time all rolled into one.

Our apartment has quickly become baby central, with a stroller, bassinet, wardrobe and bouncy chair taking up precious floor space.  And as tangible as those things are, it’s still hard to grasp that we’ll have another little human living here, needing those things, needing us in just a few short weeks.

it's actually a stolen basketball

t minus five weeks

Can’t wait to meet our little one.

Week 34

34 weeks

Just six weeks left to go??  It seems like the shortest and simultaneously longest amount of time possible.

I had an ultra sound last week to measure growth, and baby weighs 4.5lbs.  She’s been head down for a couple of weeks now, hiccuping at least once a day and kicking and stretching non stop.  It seems like she’s beginning to run out of space in there, because what used to be little jabs have become more of pushing up on my belly to make more room for herself.

It’s pretty amazing.  And a little bit freaky.

In other pregnancy related news, I still haven’t had any abnormal cravings and have not sent Jon out for any midnight runs.  It takes me an unusual amount of time to decide what I want to eat for each meal, unless that meal is cheese and pasta.  That, I always want.

I can still sleep through the night without having to use the bathroom, which I feel like is totally grounds for bragging at 34 weeks.  I still walk Brady every morning before the sun comes up (and holy heck, last week was cold) and take him to the dog park on weekends.

34 weeks

34 weeks

Oh, and I still can’t get a seat on the subway if my coat is zipped up.  New Yorkers do not mess around.

Week 33

and then there were 7 Friday after work I drove down to my parents in Maryland for my baby shower.  There’s really no better way to make you feel like a million bucks than to have a room full of people you love gathered to celebrate you and your baby girl.

My mom and I spent a good portion of the next day washing and folding the tiniest little clothes, as it sunk in that in seven weeks I’ll have a tiny human that will actually fit into them.

This whole baby thing’s starting to seem pretty real.


getting all 80s up in here

I’m pretty sure Jon was in a state of shock when I brought home these 80’s style pants.  He was all, “Floral…?  Floral maternity jeans?”

You better believe it, buddy.

Then when I paired them with a striped shirt AND WORE IT OUT OF THE HOUSE I expected him to walk ten feet behind me and pretend he didn’t know who I was.  But I’m carrying his child and all that jazz, so he sucked it up and walked beside me.

those are some bold pants

close up pants (non-maternity version)/top/blazer/ring/shoes

And on another husband related note, I was telling him how I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible charlie horse (a common joy during pregnancy) and decided instead of focusing on the pain I would breathe through it like we’d been learning in our birthing class.

“And that’s just pain.  Contractions are pain with a purpose” Jon says, reciting back our teacher’s favorite line.

“That’s very true” I said, “But if you say that to me while I’m in labor I will have to slap you.”

Week 32




week32 top / jeans / shoes

This weekend was yet another packed with baby tasks.  We went from having done literally nothing to being bombarded with schedules and to-do lists.

Saturday we had to go to Ikea (again) to pick up a couple pieces that were out of stock last weekend.  Then we had our second birthing class (of eight!!) Saturday night.  And finally, a hospital tour on Sunday.

Baby girl’s movement have gone from flutter like kicks to what feels like she’s run out of space and is stretching as far as she can.  I’ll see random body parts push my stomach up, and she’ll leave it pressed up while I try to figure out what limb she’s poking me with.

As the weeks go by we’re getting more and more excited to meet our little lady.

Luckily, we still have quite a to-do list to keep us busy until she arrives.